Thai Airlines

If you are going to be flying with Thai Airlines, you are choosing one of the airlines that has really been growing in popularity over recent years. This has led them to expand their services, offering you more flights to choose from and more options when you are on those flights. Traveling can still be stressful and confusing, however, so you need to know what sorts of things you should do when you are going to be flying with this airline. If you read through the following tips, you can make your trip much easier and much more enjoyable.

Check The Weight Of Your Bags

When you fly internationally or domestically with Thai Airlines, your bags are only allowed to weigh so much. You need to check with the airline to find the exact amount before you leave, as this often changes. Do not show up with bags that weigh too much, though, or you will have to pay extra. You may even have to pay as much as if you had just brought another bag along.

Drive To The Airport

Since 1960, Thai Airlines has been providing international travel options. Because of this, they usually operate out of large airports with parking areas for cars. Since international travelers will want to have their cars waiting for them when they return, this makes a lot of sense. You would be wise to drive yourself to the airport and park your car there so that you can save money; a taxi is much more expensive and inconvenient.

Arrive Early

Remember that Singapore is a very large, very busy city. If you are going to be flying out of it, you need to get to the airport well before the flight leaves. This will give you the time to check your bags, confirm your flight, get your boarding pass, and make your way through customs. You may also need time to find a place to park if you have driven yourself to the airport, as mentioned above.

Check The Flight Status Online

Thai Airlines puts the statuses of all of their flights online. You can check to see if the flight is on time, cancelled, or delayed. You should do this often so that you can plan accordingly. This will save you time since you will not check in at the airport, only to find that your flight has actually been cancelled.

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